01 - #CANTLIVE I will never know, anything about being a man / I will never show, anything to you until the end / will I ever know how

will I ever find out / find out how to make you bleed, to make you see / I will say it now / I will say it here / I will hold your arm

won't let you disappear / I will say it loud / I will make it clear / will make you realize that I can't live without you / I don't wanna know 

If it all just goes to say / I don't wanna know  / will you drive me all the way to hell

02 - VENICE Had enough short days / Had enough of cold / My god he comes in waves /For now, I'm on my own / We stay up all night 

We're too young to get old / Not strong enough to stand back / I'm gonna get my own / I gotta go and wait inside / Hiding from the sun 

As soon as the sky gets red / All the friends are gone / I stay up all night  / all alone, in the snow / I gotta get away now 

I'm way to dumb to know / get out my way now, get out way now / I'm running late now, I'm running / It's getting hard to get up

I'm paralyzed from the waist down / Guess I was born in the wrong town / One place in my mind, held to stick around

(For how long?) / I gotta get this shit down / To a perfect science / Ask what rhymes with nonsense

I tore my dad's favorite jean-jacket jumping / a higher fence to a lower tax-bracket / I'm getting old and god knows 

I am silver pretending to be gold / I'm getting old and god knows / Self-righteous artsy ace / making a perfect row,

I can't feel my face now / one more for the road / I stay up all night / flyin' high, no reply / I gotta get away now / I'm way to young to die 

03 - EVERYTHING IS ALRIGHT I'm on a big white cloud / Can't keep my feet on the ground / Always away from you

I'm always out of reach getting high by the beach / I see through all of you / And I feel / And I feel / Like everything's alright

 I'm walking for miles baby / The full moon is on the rise / All the things my old man said / They could've saved my life

 Watching those big brown eyes / My heart stopped for a while / I'm in trouble again / The devil's on the run

My heart's a smoking gun / Baby I'm on my way / Keep digging up fool's gold / I'm ready to sell my soul

So I keep smoking everyday / And everything just stays the same / It's so clear to see / You're running, cursing, acting

Out of sight, out of mind / If that's the way, I think I hear you say / To see another day / But that's alright

04 - NOTHING BUT LOVE Big blue eyes / flawless smile / it's in my mind / all the time / I'm at your door / like every night before

begging for your love / Expecting more from you and me / you're the only thing I see / the song that's stuck in my head 

the light that leaves me blind / your body's all I need / you and me, drunk asleep / with nothing on our mind / nothing but love 

The same mistakes / time after time, / we don't really change / we just forget the past / life goes fast / love don't last 

cause we expect too much / Remember when we were young and free, / so easy to please / I wonder what went wrong 

everything's changed / I hate what we've become / I don't know what I want / I need a different song to sing 

05 - THE LOSING HAND At the end I'm a bet / in a losing hand, your own brand your, trust an oasis,

a mirage lost in a desert sand / One last time, bleed you dry / Look me in the eye, wonder why I'm losing faith

you watch your face falling from my sky / I don't care about your feelings / I don't care how you see me

I don't want you to call me baby What do you want from me / Anyhow won't allow / holier than thou take a bow

run ahead I think you're dead / with all them snakes sleeping in your bed / In the end you can spread

your legs to earn your bread, go ahead / you played me like a dice, / you should think twice

before you tread on me 

06 - HEY NANANA Outlaw down to the bones / West-bound I'll get my own / Packing the golden gun,

Heading for the rising sun / Ain't ready to rust, / or turn back to dust / I'm on that sweet stuff / Skin-tight jeans, fill my queen

with gasoline / This is heaven, this is paradise / We don't need the sun to rise and shine / I'm gonna get that money, babe

And I can't say the time and place. / Sun beating on my back, / flying by so fast on the highway, / Tell Ma' to pray for me

Na na na na na na, Hey / Begging down on my knees, / lying right through my teeth / Demons in their own dreams

take hold the apple trees / Turn on the news / I'm dumping my blues / down that old dirt road /Black on black, gun it Jack

To hell and back

07 - THE WAIT Just one more day / keep waiting / feels like I'm dead / you're one of me / just one more day 

the price to pay / so I can say I made it / I feel so lost / lost without a name / writing down my song / pouring down the drain 

I feel so unknown / I don't know, I can hope / for something to say / I can go, I can throw / further than you see

I don't know where to go, / how to pray / I will use and abuse and throw you away / When I set my aim straight, 

You'll be left for dead / You look bored, you ignore / when you look my way / Sleep on floors, knock on doors, 

screaming "look at me" / You're a whore to the core, / show me that pay-check / I will use and abuse and throw you away,

When I set my aim straight, / You'll be left for dead / One more day, one more day, / Keep on waiting,

What you think about me, / thats something to see

08 - SLOW LICK She ain't got no kids to love / she wants a divorce, / she fills my heart with remorse / But I can feel the pain, 

can't tell your tears from the rain / or the hurricane / Slow lick on her skin, / oh god it tastes like sin / Is this the end?  

Not again, not tonight, / stay with me / Washed-out on the golden shore / I told you before / If you can't hang there's the door

I think I need a double shot, / You're driving me insane, / what's wrong with me?

09 - ROCKING HORSE Swing me like a rocking horse, / I'm lost and ashamed / Day-drunk on that cheap rye whiskey

On Monday/ I'm falling asleep on your voicemail, / Answer me / It's okay whatever / I'm so clever / Don't bother me

You put on my sweater, / stormy weather, / oh think of me / Take on me magnetic force, / too often I'm away

Cell phone cam-recorder / Dirty loving foreplay, / Pretty soon, I'll be back, / California, think of me

10 - WCBT Tonight she feels alone / Her boy's away from home / Far from where he belongs

Can you believe, she's not already gone? / Munaquita feels alone / Fuego del corazon

Far from where she belongs can you believe he / Did it, did it, did it again / You're always in my head

I need you in my bed / We go as far as we can go / Pretending not to know / That we could be together

Tonight we feel alone / Drunk talking on the phone / Can't keep my hands to myself you should know

His big arms, can't hold on to you anymore

11 - GOODBYE  Baby if you are happy / show a smile just for me / for the man that I use to be / for the man that I'll never be 

baby i'm not blind / I can read between the lines / love is not what it use to be / turning friend into ennemies 

I gotta get my baby back / Go on with your golden lies / and ruin an other life / the danger back again on the road 

sing me one more lullaby / before I say Goodbye / Goodbye / Make another wish / close your eyes 

wasted time / don't walk away / stay with me / it will be okay / tell another lie / another night away from me 

it's a game that we're use to play / all you losers will never change / I gotta get my baby back / you got me wrong 

you got me right / sing me one more lullaby before I say goodbye / So immature so insecure / and running out of daylight